Looking for a photo booth for you next event or wedding? Well, how about a photo lounge? W-PhotoLounge has taken the photo booth concept and jazzed it up for a modern, fresh and fun take on this increasingly popular trend. If you have already chosen Jennifer Williams Photography to capture your wedding, you are looking to capture memories that are sentimental and artistic. Why not think of your photo booth experience in the same way?

How is W-PhotoLounge different?
As a wedding photographer I have been in a lot of photo booths, a lot. AND, although a lot of these photo booths have been similar to each other, I can honestly NOT say the same for my couple’s weddings. It was time to bring my unique and creative wedding couples the option they deserve. So, in collaboration with W-PhotoLounge, that option has arrived!

W-PhotoLounge specializes in creating a photo booth experience uniquely tailored to your event. Instead of putting you in a box, let’s customize a photo lounge experience that will capture those memories for you while providing loads of entertainment for your guests, and look like a festive part of your event. It can be spontaneous and fun or posed and classy – the option is yours.

The best part is, the photos are instant. Prints are available immediately, photos are automatically added to a slide show for your guests to enjoy, and digital files are saved to add to your wedding collection.

Video booth is also available. If you so choose, guests can also have the option of recording short video messages. This is a great addition to your wedding collection if you have also booked Jennifer Williams Photography’s cinematographer.

Intrigued? Feel free to contact me or visit the website at: www.w-photolounge.com