Morro Bay Anniversary Session for Jeanine and Jesse

I absolutely loved photographing this session. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I use the hashtag #mustlovedogs quite often. Well, this certainly took it to a whole other level. Jeanine and Jesse were celebrating their anniversary in Morro Bay and wanted to have some photos taken of themselves with their three beautiful dogs. Each dog had a sweet rescue story, and an adorable dog personality that kept us laughing the entire session. Being a huge lover of dogs and photographing beautiful people in love, I had a blast! Here are some of my favorite photos from this beautiful session in Morro Bay:  MorroBay-1 MorroBay-4 MorroBay-5 MorroBay-7 MorroBay-13 MorroBay-17 MorroBay-26 MorroBay-32 MorroBay-51 MorroBay-76 MorroBay-84 MorroBay-99 MorroBay-102 MorroBay-107 MorroBay-119 MorroBay-129 MorroBay-135 MorroBay-155 MorroBay-166 MorroBay-178 MorroBay-182 MorroBay-185 MorroBay-187