Jessica & Robert : Springville Engagement Session

Jessica and Robert are self proclaimed nerds about the outdoors, but after spending the afternoon with them at this engagement session, I am pretty sure they are two of the coolest people I have ever met. They got engaged after running their first marathon together. Yes – Robert ran 26.2 miles with the ring pinned to his shorts and got down on one knee at the finish line (rockstar)! They will be married this spring at River Ridge Ranch in Springville, CA. We also headed there for the engagement session. The winter vibe at the ranch was perfect for their camping-theme. Oh, and did I mention she works for North Face and he for REI? So, not only do they look adorable snuggling up in the vintage North Face tent they found among Robert’s families old gear, but these props also have a lot of meaning for this couple. For them, their love of camping and the outdoors is way more than just a cute prop. Jessica explained to me that Robert is a minimalist when planning for a back packing trip. Something she will gladly agree to, under one condition, “If there isn’t room for marshmallows, there isn’t room for me,” Jessica joked. Something tells me Robert will always be making room for marshmallows in his pack.

Here are some of my favorites from their session: