Bay Area Engagement Photos for Anna & Carlo

Anna and Carlo are engaged! Before their wedding this fall, we had to celebrate with some engagement photos! We went to all their favorite places in the Bay Area, where they live. From Japan Town, the rose garden, and Levi Stadium in San Jose, to the Palace of Fine Arts, Bay Bridge and AT&T Park in San Francisco. It was such a wonderful day with these two sweet people. We finished photos as the sun was setting at Pier 7. I could not be more excited about their wedding, and getting to spend another day with them in front of my camera. Here are some of my favorites from their bay area engagement photos: Bay-Area-Engagement-1867
Bay-Area-Engagement-1939 Bay-Area-Engagement-1964 Bay-Area-Engagement-2090 Bay-Area-Engagement-2155
Bay-Area-Engagement-2234 Bay-Area-Engagement-2240 Bay-Area-Engagement-2338 Bay-Area-Engagement-2388 Bay-Area-Engagement-2490 Bay-Area-Engagement-2510 Bay-Area-Engagement-2530 Bay-Area-Engagement-2578 Bay-Area-Engagement-2606 Bay-Area-Engagement-2640 Bay-Area-Engagement-2671 Bay-Area-Engagement-2680 Bay-Area-Engagement-2702 Bay-Area-Engagement-2734 Bay-Area-Engagement-2735 Bay-Area-Engagement-2807
Bay-Area-Engagement-2828 Bay-Area-Engagement-2849 Bay-Area-Engagement-2852 Bay-Area-Engagement-2880 Bay-Area-Engagement-2920 Bay-Area-Engagement-2945 Bay-Area-Engagement-2971 Bay-Area-Engagement-2976 Bay-Area-Engagement-2981 Bay-Area-Engagement-2995 Bay-Area-Engagement-3024 Bay-Area-Engagement-3030 Bay-Area-Engagement-3060
Bay-Area-Engagement-3068 Bay-Area-Engagement-3091 Bay-Area-Engagement-3115 Bay-Area-Engagement-3120 Bay-Area-Engagement-3128 Bay-Area-Engagement-3132